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This template is built in a way to enable your inspectors to produce for you a clear and concise report.


Clear and concise report means you will get an easy to read report and understand the situation immediately.


The template makes sure the report you receive will include all aspects of the product you want to know about.


The template gives your inspectors a full checklist of all the items they need to check and the details about each item.


When you get a clear report about all the aspects you want to know about , it is easy to make decisions.

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Your top 5 questions answered


Isn’t it the factory’s responsibility to make sure the quality is good?

It is. But if the quality is poor, you bear the consequences.


Can I ask the factory to send the goods to my warehouse in my home country, and pay the factory after I inspect it pending good quality?
You can definitely discuss this with the factory.
Just remember that if you discover the goods quality is poor when they arrive in your warehouse, you lost the time of shipment from China to your home country, you will have to ship it back to China, get it fixed, and then ship back to your country. The source inspection cost is minimal and makes a lot of financial sense.


What qualifications should the inspectors have?

Well, of course they need to know the product and how to inspect it. But that’s not all. They need to be independent, speak and read Chinese of course, solve problems themselves in the factory and motivate the factory to support and help them for efficient inspection.


How should I determine the sample size?

The sample size represents your risk level. The bigger the sample size, the higher the risk. Use AQL as your guideline. For more about AQL and sample size, contact us.


What aspects should be inspected?

All aspects that influence the quality (functionality, appearance, etc.).

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