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Companies who don’t buy in China can’t really benefit from our services.

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If you plan to buy in China in the future, file it, and contact us at that time.

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Our Tested and proven Sourcing process


Based on your circumstances write the profile of your Ideal factory candidate. Set them as your target search criteria.


Build a big supplier list. Interview them remotely. Disqualify candidates who obviously don’t meet your requirements.


Send your audit team only to factories that meet your initial criteria. Audit them onsite and get to know the quality management system.


Communicate with your new candidate vendor about prices and specifications. Test their communication skills and service orientation.


Place a small order with minimum risk for you. Test their processes, ability to solve problems and adherence to time tables.

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Your top 5 questions answered


Why can’t I just ask the factory for references?
You can. They don’t always provide them.


How do I know the answers I get are accurate?
To do that you need to ask many questions and put the pieces together into one big picture. If the overall picture makes sense, the answers are most likely accurate. However, you will only know for sure after the onsite audit.


Should I send the form in English or Chinese?

In English. If they can’t read the form, you don’t want to work with them.


How do I know if they are reliable?

This is something you slowly figure out as you go through the sourcing process.


How do I test their price level?

Simple, send them one of your old drawings or samples for quotation.

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