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We are searching according to your criteria: Target prices, quality standards, English speaking staff and more

You deal with the factories directly and buy at factory net prices.

You stay risk Free – If we didn't find factories according to your requirements, you don’t pay

How it works


We give you only the factories that match your criteria such as target price, minimum quantities and robust management


We start with dozens of candidate factories and from the office narrow down to a short list of five high potential candidates


We visit the factories that made it to the short list and perform on site audit to verify they are viable and well managed


We identify the right point of contact and confirm communication lines are established and the factory is service oriented


When the service is finished we disengage and let you work directly with the factory. We are waiting for your next call

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Your top 5 questions answered


What happens if Leap solutions don’t find good factories?

If we didn’t find any factories – You don’t pay.


Do I need to pay in advance?

You pay only after you see our reports


Do we place production orders to the factories directly?



Does Leap solutions take any commissions?

We guaranty that other than our service fee we take no additional payment from anyone in any form.


What happens after the service ends?

We disengage and you are free to work with the factories directly and pay net factory prices.
At the same time, we are here on standby, in case you want to contact us in the future.

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