Sourcing agent in China

Being a good sourcing agent in China requires skill and experience.

Experienced sourcing managers know, that the search never ends, and they know that good sourcing agents in China find and audit new suppliers on an ongoing basis.

Suppliers circumstances change. A supplier that was suitable in the past becomes unsuitable.
They lose their competitive edge, they get into financial difficulties,
key people leave and many other reasons can cause them to become less attractive.This is why any company, must constantly be active about making sure, their supplier base keeps them ahead of their competition.
Hiring a sourcing agent in China is one of the ways to achieve this goal.

This is why any company, must constantly be active about making sure, their supplier base keeps them ahead of their competition, and the only way to do that is to have a dynamic China product sourcing process.

Finding a suitable supplier for you is more than searching for one, or even visit one.
It is understanding the circumstances of the supplier and its motivation to work with you.

Searching for suppliers on a regular basis and evaluating them is a time-consuming process,
but having suppliers that give you a competitive edge is priceless.

By following this simple process, you can create a nonstop flow of new suppliers to your supplier list,
ready to produce your products at a short notice.


Lead generation

Constantly generate leads by using public sources such as trade shows and online platforms as well as information you get from your people in China.


Evaluation form

Ask them to fill evaluation forms and send you via email.
Don’t forget to ask them to include pictures of their facilities,
machines and products and let them know you or your representative will visit their facilities.

Now it’s true that some of the evaluation forms may include pictures that do not represent the actual condition of the supplier.
However, you will be surprised to see how many forms you will receive by email will make you decide to screen out the supplier who sent it.

This is a great tool for screening out unsuitable suppliers.


Factory visit

Go and visit the supplier, or send a third party you trust, and ask them to send you a visit report.
Compare the visit report and the evaluation report sent by the supplier.


Talk to them

Discuss with the supplier their current situation, customer base, and their core business.
Identify the strengths of the supplier that will complement your company’s strengths and the
motivation of the supplier to work with you.

For example, if the supplier’s main customers are buying from them similar products to the products you intend to buy, that supplier may be highly motivated to work with you. However, if the supplier is required to go into a    long and expensive learning curve in order to work with you, that may be demotivating for the supplier.


Trial order

This is a part of the evaluation process. Consider placing a small and low-risk trial order with the new supplier
to test their service level and their eagerness to work with you.


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