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Asia Factory Audit
Is it absolutely necessary?

If you say yes to anything below – An Asia Factories audit is a must!

The Quality Of Your Product Is Important To You.
You can’t afford to spend time and money looking for a new supplier every time your vendor fails to ship your product on time.
Your company reputation and your brands reputation are important to you.
You can’t afford to lose money every time you place an order.
If your product quality is not a topic of concern and you can accept late deliveries, then maybe you don’t really need to audit your vendors.

All CSO’s client production orders in China are complex; without CSO’s support, the risks our clients can potentially be exposed to are significant. Our job is to help our clients minimize these risks in order to increase their success rate working with Chinese factories. Auditing factories in China is one of the ways we do it.

The goal of the management system audit is to evaluate the ability of the candidate vendor to manufacture and deliver high quality product, consistently, over a long period time. The audit examines the factory’s resources and management quality, and determines if the manufacturer is reliable.

Factory Audit Challenges

Auditing factories in Vietnam and China presents challenges that could increase your cost and waste a lot of your time

Factories spead over
an enorouse
geographic area

A well prepared visit plan is a must

given by the factory

May be challenging sometimes


Always plan ahead

the big picture
in a short time

A factory is very complex

focus on

Time is never enough

There are three kinds of risks most customers are concerned about:

Time Wasted

Building a relationship with a vendor you now realize you shouldn’t have worked with can be costly.

Quality Assurance

Businesses want to ensure only quality goods leave the factory. This reduces the rate of claims and returns


Unsuccessful deliveries can hurt your company’s reputation, and a tarnished reputation can be fatal for any business.

If you share the same concern as our customers, then auditing potential factories is not a step you want to take to be extra safe. It is a must do action item.

There are a few difficulties related to auditing factories in China. The most apparent in the beginning is the time and money your company has available to invest in completing the audit. This leads to the second difficulty; you cannot possibly audit every single factory you find. It is extremely frustrating to realize that after one week of auditing several factories, none of the factories are viable. Some factories can be so incompatible with your needs, that you can tell as soon as you enter through the gates.

Here at CSO, we utilize our 20+ years of experience auditing factories in China, deep knowledge of the Chinese market, and familiarity with Chinese business culture to effectively prioritize the candidate vendors and enact highly effective audits.

in todays market you need to have a distinct advantage

We Are Your Competitive Edge

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We are your team

We give you
abundant Asia
local knowledge

Chinese temple

Language and culture

We help you
bridge any gaps
in communication



Dozens of happy customers served around the world



Dozens of
factories audited
and qualified

The Secret Sauce:

Prepare in Advance and Work According to a Formulated Process.

The secret to a successful audit is thorough preparation work and adherence to a formulated process.

The majority of time that makes up the audit process is not spent running the audit itself. Its spent as travel time; driving to the factory you intend to audit. Even more frustrating, a significant amount of that time will be used on factories you end up disqualifying.

There is no magic pill you can take that will help you audit just the factories that qualify for your approved vendor list. But there are a few easy to do things that will significantly increase the chance of auditing factories with a likelihood of becoming your valued vendor.

Work with Chinese Manufacturers Direct - 2

CSO Projement is

A service provider helping Western companies work directly with Vietnamese & Chinese factories.

Our customers are tech-based SME’s for whom price and quality are equally important and to whom protecting their reputation is a top priority.

Our customers are companies that cannot afford paying commissions or third-party margins on top of the net factory price. They are companies with complex products and complex supply chain.

Our clients understand that they must work directly with their manufacturers for improved communication and fast decision making.

They are companies for whom quality and cost are important uncompromising concerns, and want to be involved in the order follow up process, but cannot afford to let it consume too much of their time.

Start With Good Preparation Work

Preparation work has four objectives:

  • number-one-in-a-circle

    Begin with an initial online research for increased efficiency

    Conduct email and phone interviews with the factory management and see if there are any apparent signs that the vendor is not suitable. Try to determine whether the factory should be disqualified at this early stage, to remove the need for an audit.

    If the result of your research determines your company should proceed to an onsite audit, then complete the additional objectives.

  • number-two-in-a-circle

    Reduce unknown factors

    These unknown factors may create delays and waste time during the audit. This includes logistics factors such as traveling time and availability of key factory staff for the audit.

  • number-three-in-a-circle

    Become familiar with the factory’s general situation prior to the visit

    Performing a China factory audit can be difficult. A factory is a complex organization and the management system it uses is even more so. It is very hard to grasp the full picture upon immediate arrival at the factory.

    The more complete the auditor’s understanding of the factory’s situation is prior to arrival, the better. The more an auditor knows about the factory, the faster he can progress the audit by skipping waylaying steps.

  • number-four-in-circular-button

    Help the factory prepare for the audit in order to increase the audit’s efficiency.

    Of course, we don’t want the factory to “over prepare”. But we do want them to get the meeting rooms ready, arrange the smooth transition between departments, and have all machines and departments accessible without delays.

Managing the Audit
According to
a Process

The audit covers a wide range of topics and potentially a large geographic area; some factories have multiple locations.

Inexperienced auditors can easily spend too much time assessing departments or specific items. It’s easy to get lost in all the details and ultimately run out of time to complete the full audit.

For this reason, here at CSO, we’ve developed a simple, yet effective standardized process. It ensures we cover all areas of the audit within the specified time.

Save Time and Money - Audit Only the Top Candidates, Don’t Waste Time on Unqualified Vendors

Here at CSO, our interests are aligned with yours.
There is a reason why we strive to be “your team in China”.

We understand that your goal is not to audit factories in China.
It’s to grow your business and increase your profits.

This is why we take it upon ourselves to reduce your cost.
We give you full control over the process to do that. We let you choose the most suitable option or combination of options for you:

Email and phone interview

After you’ve made initial contact with the supplier and initiated the audit process, we will conduct a phone interview with the factory and send you a clear and concise report detailing the factory’s value as a business partner.

Pre Onsite Audit to safeguard your time

Do you have a relatively long list of candidate manufacturers but want more assurance that you aren’t wasting your time? We will arrive at the factory first and run a short or full audit, to make sure there are no obvious issues disqualifying the factory.

Audit coordination and support

Sometimes managing logistical travel details can be a challenge. CSO’s team offers to travel with you to the factories. We’ll be able to assist with any issues that might come up. This way you maintain complete control over your costs; saving time, money and a lot of frustration.

When we say we are different, we mean it.

We audit the factories management quality and perform a risk assessment based on your circumstances


You are in full control of your cost.
Choose from a selection of  factory audit services according to your needs


We make the audit process simple and seamless sharing our 20+ years of Asia experience and abundant industry knowledge

quick turnaround

We audit only the important areas and send you the report shortly after the audit is finished. We follow up any CAPA required

Who is this service for

This Services is designed for non-Asian companies who are currently manufacturing or planning to manufacture their product in Vietnam and China

It is designed for companies that are looking for factories capable of manufacturing a high-quality product at a competitive price.

We realize that the one resource more important to our customers than money is time.
This is why we designed this service for SME’s that have little or no presence in China.
We offer a professional and experienced team with an extensive local knowledge that helps companies through the vendor approval procedure including a factory audit.

We designed this service keeping in mind production in China is a complex project that exposes many of our customers to big risks. This service minimizes those risks while remaining affordable.

Larger organizations with their own team in China can still benefit from outside experience when attempting to audit factories in China. Especially if the team is dedicated to non-operational tasks like sales and marketing.

South East Asia

We live in an era when travel to Asia and communication with Vietnamese & Chinese companies have become simple. Never before have people been able to do so much with so little support in Asia as they do today.
We provide the right support, at the right time, exactly when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Our service process is straight forward and easy

How It Works

Complete The Vendor Information Form. Be as informative as possible

Indicate on the form which service you are interested in and send it to us.

We will review your information and may ask you a few questions if the need arises

If you are interested in the Factory Online Research or the Factory Email and Phone Interview services, we will follow this process:

We will ask you to pay the service fee.
We will submit the reports according to the time frame indicated for each service package.

If you are interested in the onsite independent audit or in the customer audit support services, we follow this process:

We will first set a schedule according to the number of factories and their location.
After we understand the entire cost we will give you our quotation.
We will then ask you to pay.
We will submit the audit report 7 days after the audit is complete and according to the schedule agreed upon.

Service packages

choose the service best suited for your needs

Factory Online Research Factory Email & Phone Interview Onsite Independent Audit Customer Audit Support
Number Of Factories1 -51 -51 -51 -5
Chinese Government Data Base Check
Factory Quotations for your products
Sourcing according to your specific manufacturer profile
Our Independent Onsite AuditPer Your Request
Visit Coordination and assistance

Audit Factories in China with little time and money investment

Invest your time in viable factories ONLY. Use this effective funnel to screen out unqualified suppliers without having to visit them.

Learn how to immediately identify non qualified vendors.
Use our proven process and save valuable time.
Find in the ebook hacks that will help you reduce cost.
Audit like a Pro. Zoom in on the important issues first.