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let us deal with the nitty gritty details in China while you focus on growing your business

Isn't working directly with factories the best way?

Yes, It is. Actually, we strive to help you work directly with the factories as soon as possible. Some companies have the resources and know-how required to work with factories directly. Others, don't and need time to build them. For those companies, we offer the support they need until they develop the resources and acquire the knowledge.

If you are not there yet, and still at the stage when you need support, it's good to know that for as little as a few hundreds of dollars you can save hours of your people time and even the need for some of your trips to China.

China outsourcing agent is your one-stop shop for all your supply chain and manufacturing needs.

If you do not have the time or people to manage yourself every little detail in China, China outsourcing agents are the people that will help you tie together the wide range of activities you need to manage in the PRC.

There is a lot of buzz around working with manufacturers directly and for a very good reason.

Only if you work directly with your factory you will establish a direct communication channel that will reduce redundancies and increase your overall speed, not to mention this is your only way to enjoy factory net prices and be competitive.
Still, that does not mean agents in any form and shape is something that is not helpful.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word agent also means:

A) One who is authorized to act for or in the place of another.
B) Something (or one) that produces or is capable of producing an effect.

So when you think of an agent, think of someone who is doing something that

1. Has to be done.
2. For whatever reason, you choose not to do yourself.
3. Is done according to your instructions.

China outsourcing

Outsourcing in China presents challenges that could increase your cost and risk

China vs. western
market constraints

These constraints can disqualify a factory

China vs. western
management differences

Critical to evaluating management quality

costs in China

Many unexpected costs

time zones

Is inefficient


Communication failures

Do I have to have a China outsourcing agent?

The answer to that depends on your organization’s available resources

If you have the knowledge and time to deal with all tasks that require your attention then the answer is probably “no”.

If you are lacking the time, and skilled people in China, then you need help.

If you expect workload in China to be very high, you might want to consider hiring people here on a full-time basis. If this is what you want to do, you may want to open your own company and have your own team on the ground.

If you are not planning to go in that direction, China outsourcing agents are an example of a company that can provide a wide range of services that may suit your needs.

What do China outsourcing agents do?

They take care of all your China outousrcing needs

They take care of all your outsourcing needs in China. In other words, they handle everything related to producing quality goods and shipping them to your destination country.

Most agents are flexible and allow you to choose either the specific services that cover the areas you need help with or an end to end service that covers all tasks related to supply chain, sourcingmanufacturingquality control and vendor management.

Besides providing you the service you need, your service provider is also an excellent source of information.
Being located in China they are able to visit your suppliers more often and learn about changes in policies and regulations that can have a big effect on your cost.

We Have Enjoyed Helping These Clients


Who is this service for?

This service is designed for non-Chinese companies who are currently manufacturing or planning to manufacture their product in China

Congratulations! You came up with a great idea for a product. You’ve identified your target audience and you know that they could really use your product and are willing to pay for it.

Now it is time to deliver your product to the market. To do that, a good manufacturer is hardly enough.
You will need a good manufacturer that UNDERSTANDS what the key selling points of your product are so that during production they will pay extra attention to those features.

You need a maker that IS INTERESTED to spend the time and energy to produce according to your specs, your quality, your quantities and most importantly, your target price.

You need a manufacturer that is service oriented and can communicate effectively with you so that you maintain a competitive speed to market that will not leave any chance to your competitors to bring to the market a competing product at the same time as you do.

If you agree with all or part of the said above, then this service is for you.

It is designed for companies that are looking for factories capable of manufacturing a high-quality product at a competitive price.

We realize that the one resource more important to our customers than money is time. This is why we designed this service for SME’s that have little or no presence in China. We offer a professional and experienced team with an extensive local knowledge that helps companies through the vendor approval procedure including a factory audit.

We designed this service keeping in mind production in China is a complex project that exposes many of our customers to big risks. This service minimizes those risks while remaining affordable.

When we say we are different, we mean it.

We managed ourselves third party manufacturers in China for over 20 years


You are in full control of your cost. Choose from a selection of sourcing services whenever you need it, for as long as you need it


We make doing business in China simple and seamless sharing our 20+ years of China experience and abundant industry resources


Get full transparency. Get factory quotations and full factory contact details as well as comprehensive factory report 

CSO Projement China outsourcing services

In CSO we understand that every company is different.

We understand that every company has different strengths and needs and that those may change over time.
For this reason, we make sure our customer receive exactly the kind of service they need when they need it.

We offer sourcing, quality management, vendor management and a variety of supply chain services.

Our goal is to do more with less.

To achieve more goals with fewer resources.

To deliver more product while hiring fewer people.

To bring more value while spending less money.

To achieve that, we give you all the control and all the flexibility you need in order to maximize your profit.
You decide which services you use and when you use them.

You can start, stop, start again and stop again using any of our services at any time.

in todays market you need to have a distinct advantage

We Are Your Competitive Edge


covering Wide range
of industries
and products

business model

"Your team in China"
the way you never thought was possible


Dozens of happy customers served around the world


20+ Years of China industry experience
and knowledge

Work with Chinese Manufacturers Direct

CSO Projement is

A service provider helping non-Chinese companies work directly with Chinese factories.

Our customers are tech-based SME’s for whom price and quality are equally important and to whom protecting their reputation is a top priority.

Our customers are companies that cannot afford paying commissions or third-party margins on top of the net factory price. They are companies with complex products and complex supply chain.

Our clients understand that they must work directly with their manufacturers for improved communication and fast decision making.

They are companies for whom quality and cost are important uncompromising concerns, and want to be involved in the order follow up process, but cannot afford to let it consume too much of their time.

Service Packages

Choose The Service Best Suited For Your Needs



  • Outsourcing needs mapping
  • Sourcing all vendors
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Help trouble shooting where necessary
  • Send you factory’s QC report
  • CSO factory visits (per agreed schedule)
  • CSO independent factory visit report


Min $1000

  • Outsourcing needs mapping
  • Sourcing all vendors
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Help trouble shooting where necessary
  • Send you factory’s QC report
  • CSO factory visits (per agreed schedule)
  • CSO independent factory visit report


Min $1500

  • Outsourcing needs mapping
  • Sourcing all vendors
  • Weekly progress reports
  • Help trouble shooting where necessary
  • Send you factory’s QC report
  • CSO factory visits (per agreed schedule)
  • CSO independent factory visit report
We live in an era when communication with Chinese factories has become very simple.

Never before have people been able to do so much with so little support in China as they do today.

We support our customers so they can produce results, at minimum cost and time.

Like always, we keep things simple

How It Works

Fill out the “China outsourcing service” form. Please be as detailed as possible

Indicate on the form if you are interested in an offsite or onsite outsourcing service

Send us the form.
We may ask you a few questions if the need arises

We will complete the following process for the offsite service only:

Confirm the fee for this service and ask you to pay
Set up your supply chain in China and anything else agreed.
Send you weekly progress reports
Update your company with all information we receive that raises questions or requires your attention
The service ends once your goods leave the factory and your business receives a copy of the shipping documents.

We will complete the following process for the offsite service paired with the onsite service:

Settle on the agenda, frequency, and time for visiting the factory, as well as the contents of reports to be provided.
Provide a quotation after verifying the entirety of the work load and travel costs.
Ask for payment after quotation is approved.
Just like the offsite service, the onsite service ends once goods have been shipped and your company receives the proper shipping documents.
Find the Right Chinese Factory

Find the best factory for you – Fast!

Use a tested and proven method to boost your supplier network

Work with viable factories only
Significantly save time and money
An effective and easy to use factory audit process
Turn your factories into a competitive advantage