Finding the “right” supplier can be frustrating sometimes. Even when you think you found one, things don’t always work very smoothly. Moreover, in the Chinese dynamic environment, things change very quickly, and so does the extent to which your supplier is suitable for you. You may be surprised to hear that finding a good supplier is actually a straight forward process that increases results dramatically.
Negotiation is a lot about understanding the people with whom you negotiate and the context of the agreement. It ia about understanding what options are available to you and to the party you negotiate with. It is also about communicating that you understand your counterparts worries and you are here for the benefit of both you and them. By doing this you help them relax and be more willing to be more generous during the negotiation.
The Quality assurance process starts with finding a supplier that is able and is motivated to deliver timely and high quality production. After you find the right supplier, there is a need to agree on a quality management process. As in many other areas, also here there is a formula, that if followed, many common mistakes can be avoided.
Other than quality, two things can stand between you and shipment on time:<br /> 1) Misunderstandings.2) Delays due to poor planning and management.In order to reduce mistakes, a solid vendor management system, that is designed to make things more simple and clear should be in place.<br /> When all the people that take part in the manufacturing process are clear about what is their role, and are capable of doing it and communicating with one another, the production process will be more efficient and error free.
Setting up your own company and hiring a full time team in China can be both expensive and time consuming. It also require your organization to spend a lot of resources on issues that are not directly related to your business, such as the admin management of your Chinese company. You can have a team of people that will work for you when you need them, and when you don’t, you will not have to worry about managing them and will not have to pay any cost that is related to them.
Sometimes, when your process in China is very dynamic and involves many details, you need a dedicated full time team on the ground in China. That team must understand the complexity of your business in details and above all, be trustworthy and loyal to your company. It is great to have such a team. But setting up teams in China from across the ocean is not an easy task. Click here for some useful information that will help you a lot.

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