Quality control services in China

We are not trying to discuss here models of quality assurance.

What we are discussing here is how to implement quality control services in China considering the challenges and constraints manufacturing products with high standards in China present.

Not all providers of quality control service in China understand that many quality issues result from suppliers who are incapable or unmotivated to produce the right product.
This is why a true QA management process starts with sourcing the right supplier.
When working across cultures and languages, two things must be managed first:
1) Communication.
2) Expectations.
You must make sure the communication lines you established are effective and reliable.
You must make sure your supplier understands and agree to your requirements.
The way to do that is to agree in advance and in writing on each and every requirement you may have,
and to confirm your counterpart understands and accepts those requirements.
It is highly recommended to use visual media (drawings, pictures and videos) in the agreements.
We also suggest that you do not assume, but rather try to be as clear and detailed as possible before you are confident your supplier and you understand each other.
Here are some of the important steps you want to take as a part of your QA process:
1) Drawings
Make sure they are clear and easy to read. Ask your supplier to confirm they understand all details in the drawings.
2) Quality Assurance schedule agreement
Ask you supplier, to agree to a QA schedule that will detail the process, milestones and reports you expect.
3) Supplier quality guaranty agreement
Ask your supplier to sign a quality guaranty agreement. Usually, when required to sign this kind of agreement, suppliers take their commitment to quality much more seriously.
4) FAI
Take your time and get the right first article. This is a part of the agreement with your supplier.
Once you confirm, have the supplier sign it.
5) Buyers / Third party quality control inspections.
Buyers or third party inspections usually increase the motivation of a manufacturer to “Get it right”.
The more the supplier feels the buyer is proactive about inspections, the harder they will try to meet standards.
Maybe not always, but many times this is the case.
The above are some of the ways that worked for us over the years. Sure there are more ways to manage quality, and those will depend on your specific circumstances.
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