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Make sure the factory is ready for the inspection.

Avoid sending your people before the factory is ready.

Save time and money by sending your inspectors only when the factories are ready for the inspection.

Don’t waste time and money


Save time by not sending your inspectors only to find out they can’t do their job because the factory is not ready.


Save money by not paying for the traveling expenses and the salary of the inspectors, just to find out the job can’t be done.


Before the factory is ready the inspection can’t start. People, spaces and sometimes devices have to be available.


Many factors influence the production time. The inspection is effective only when production milestones are reached.


For all these reasons, it is best to coordinate the visit with the factory. It is also polite and builds mutual trust.

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Your top 5 questions answered


What does the factory have to prepare before The inspection?

They have to prepare space, people to assist the inspectors, and people to answer the inspectors’ questions. Sometimes they have to prepare measuring devices and other equipment.


Should we use our own measuring devices or should we use the factory’s devices?

Sometimes we can’t bring our own devices. It happens when the devices are very big and heavy, such as CMM or a projector. At the end of the day we have to make sure the devices we use are calibrated by an authorized body.


How can we make the inspection as efficient as possible?
There are many ways to do that. The principal is to ask the factory to make as many preparations as possible before your team arrives so they can start the actual inspection immediately.


Can’t we just ask the factory to do their own inspection and send us a report?

Of course you can. For as long as you are confident the report reflects the true situation of the bulk, it is a good cost and time saving way to do things.


Who should be present in the factory during the inspection?

You probably want the person who you usually speak to in the factory to be present because they know the big picture. You also want the production and quality managers to be there to provide answers and resources.

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