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For companies with no teams in China.

Avoid sending the auditors before the factory is ready.

Save time and money by sending your monitoring team only when the factories are ready to start the production.

Don’t waste time and money


Save time by not sending your team only to find out they can’t do their job because the factory is not ready.


Save money by not paying for the traveling expenses and the salary of the team, just to find out the job can’t be done.


Make sure the raw material arrived and machines are available before your team arrives at the factory.


Many factors influence the production time. The monitoring work can be done only when everything is ready.


For all these reasons, it is best to coordinate the visit with the factory. It is also polite and builds mutual trust.

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Your top 5 questions answered


What should my team monitor exactly?

There are many preparations that have to be completed before production begins. All materials have to arrive in the factory, machines have to be available, and approvals have to be received from different stakeholders.


What if there’s a delay in production or production stops in the middle?

Your team should be in constant contact with the factory management. If there is an expected halt in production, they should know about it in advance and plan their visits and stay in the factory accordingly.


How can we make the monitoring work as efficient as possible?
There are many ways to do that. The principal is to ask the factory to make as many preparations as possible before your team arrives everyday, and to coordinate and manage expectations on a daily basis.


Can’t we just ask the factory to do their own monitoring and send us a report?

Of course you can. For as long as you are confident the report reflects the true situation of the production progress. If you have that confidence, it is both a cost and time-saving way to do things.


Who should be present in the factory during the production monitoring process.

You want to make sure the production, quality, engineering and sales managers are there at least once a day. Effective communication during production is crucial.

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