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Download our production monitoring report template for companies that buy in China

Get daily clear and concise reports.

Regain control over your production timetables.

Receive daily updates about quality issues and possible delays.

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Have your team send you daily updates about timetables, quality and risk of delays.


Get daily progress reports and be updated with the planned vs. actual progress. Get early signs of possible delays.


Be updated constantly with the changing time plan as the dynamic reality dictates schedule adjustments.


Have your team send you in real time quality control reports about the batches manufactured every day.


Via your team, influence decision making and be a part of the solutions the factory chooses to solve issues.

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Your top 5 questions answered


What should my team monitor exactly?

They should monitor quality and progress throughout the entire production as well as the implementation of your instructions.


What if there’s a delay in production or  production stops in the middle?
Your team should be in constant contact with the factory management. If there is an expected halt in production, they should know about it in advance and plan their visits and stay in the factory accordingly.


What happens if the team finds a quality problem during production?

This is why they are in the factory. As soon as they find quality issues, delays, or the risk of delays, they should notify you and give you their suggestions for solutions.


What is the best way to be updated about the progress and quality?

They should send you clear and concise quality and progress reports on a daily basis. You should agree with them in advance on the best report templates that will help your team produce easy-to-read reports.


What happens after the production ends?

It is a good practice to have one final pre-shipment inspection that covers all the shipment and all product aspects.

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