China direct sourcing knowledge base

Knowledge Base

China product sourcing is not only about product sourcing. It is a lot about sourcing a product that is manufactured by a reliable maker that can guaranty quality product time after time after time.
There are several China outsourcing strategies that work for different companies depending on their size, industry and the level of product and vendor requirements. Each of these strategies is suitable (or not) for different organizations not only because of the above mentioned but also because of management styles and company culture.
In general, for some, the term “agent” has some negative connotations in the sense that there is someone standing between you and your supplier. In some industries, China buying agents are companies that source suppliers on behalf of their clients and manage the purchasing process and the logistics all the way to the Chinese port. It is up to you to decide what your agent should do and when they should do it.
Importing from China requires from a company to have experience and knowledge in many fields such as suppliers sourcing, working with people from other cultures, multiple vendor management, understanding the local laws and policies including customs regulations and export from China and import to your home country. Here are the capabilities and knowledge you need to have before you start importing from China.
Did you know that for as little as a few hundreds of dollars you can save hours of your people time and even the need for a trip to China? China outsourcing agent is your one-stop shop for doing business in China. If you do not have the time or people to manage yourself every little detail in China, China outsourcing agents are the people that will help you tie together the wide range of activities you need to manage in the PRC.
Companies who buy from China direct have the potential of becoming cost leaders and easily gain market share. But the decision to buy from China direct alone is not enough. If not done properly, not only you will not reduce your cost, but you will also lose control over your production quality and shipping schedule. In such a case, you will lose both your profits and your good reputation.