If you are doing business in China on a large enough scale, then Chinese team building is something you may want to think about.
If you are importing from China, and there is a financial sense in having your own local team, then having such a team can potentially bring many advantages.

A dedicated local team will bring to your company knowledge of the Chinese business culture,
industry practices and real-time information that will allow you to make faster and better decisions.
But having a team means you need a local company so you can operate legally in China and
hire the team members under a contract as required by law.
It is possible to avoid opening a company, but if you want to have your own dedicated team, the disadvantages are greater than the advantages.
Setting up the company and hiring your new team means you have to invest your time and money in a whole set of activities you would prefer not to deal with if you could.
You have to look for office space, hire admin people, set up procedures and policies
for your new company and team and find a capable and trustworthy manager that can either
be your growth engine or the rock that will pull you down.
Your other option is to hire the services of a PMO.
The main advantages of hiring a PMO are that there are no fixed costs involved,
you can start and stop the service whenever you want and you don’t have to
manage the day to day activities of the team.
But some companies want to stay in close touch with the team and are willing to go through the Chinese team building process.
They want greater influence and take the time to manage their team by themselves.
If you would like to adopt this management style, and you need your team
every day of the year, then hiring a PMO may become too expensive.
Here at CSO, we let you enjoy both worlds.
While you can hire us to work on any of your projects, we can also kick start your company and team in China. We will open your company (if you choose), hire your team, and make sure they are working according to your procedures.
Once you are comfortable working with your team directly, we will hand over the management of the team and your company to you.
Worry that right after the handover you will still need us from time to time?
Not a problem. We are here to help whenever you need.
We would love to hear about your company’s needs and help whenever we can.
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