In many ways, China product sourcing is the same as China factory sourcing.
The reason is that at the end of the day you want to buy a product that meets your specifications and you want it delivered on time, on a continuous basis.

No matter what is your industry, your quality standards, and delivery schedule, you cannot buy a product without understanding the company that sells you that product.
Starting to work with a new vendor or factory is very time-consuming.
Depending on the complexity of the product and your standards, you need to feel comfortable enough that your new supplier understands what you want. Not only the person are you talking to. You need to feel comfortable that the organization understands.
Whether you want it or not, the more time passes, the more lots you buy, your guard is going down. Your QC people take for granted that quality will meet specifications and they are not as alert as they were the first time the checked a new vendor product.
And then, when you least expect it, your get complaints from your customers, and you can’t understand how come everything was perfect the first and the second time, and just when you thought things have their own momentum, they went wrong.
When you do China product sourcing, you cannot allow yourself to ignore the manufacturer of the products. As I said above, the process of starting to work with a new vendor is very time-consuming and if you don’t make sure no matter who in your vendors organization is taking care of your orders, the vendor is manufacturing products your customers will be happy with, eventually you will be busy putting out fires, or change suppliers, and you won’t have time to do what you should do: Grow your business.
If you want to expand your product range or expand your customer base, the amount of time you spend in the production of each of products must decrease.
The only way to do that is to source a supplier for your products that is right for you.
You also must remember that the reality is very dynamic.
Vendors who were very stable financially, and had a solid flow of orders may not do so well forever.
Things change. New competitors enter the game. Key employees that had some knowledge they didn’t share with their colleagues or management leave as they find better jobs.
For this reason, you need to make sure you have two things in place:
  • A good sourcing strategy that feeds your supply chain with suppliers that are right for you.
  • Your own team on the ground that will give you agenda-free and clean information about important updates regarding your vendors.
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