Why do you need a China manufacturing agent? Isn’t it easy to just go online and find a supplier?

It is easy to find a supplier. Things get a bit more complicated when you manage multiple orders in remote control.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could buy bulk production the way we buy a bag or a cell phone on Amazon?
Just pay and wait for whatever it is that we bought to be delivered to our door on time and to our satisfaction.
And if that’s not the case, not to worry, we will just ship it back for free and get our money back…
Unfortunately, we are not there yet, and this is why hiring a China manufacturing agent is one of the most cost-effective ways to control your production in China.
There is a considerable amount of risk in placing orders overseas and the most effective way of avoiding it is by doing everything we can to make sure our goods are sent on time and per quality defined.

Producing overseas presents a few challenges. Some are:

1) Making sure you and your supplier fully understand each other’s requests and constraints.
2) A Regular and clean flow of information about production status to you.
Communication across cultures, languages and time zones is hard.
But there are things you can do to make it better:
1) Be clear.
You are dealing with very intelligent people on the other side, however, they face the same difficulties as you.
Help yourself and them by summarizing and compiling all understandings in simple documents with lots of visuals.
Don’t try to be funny, sophisticated or to impress anybody.
Use simple language.
Short sentences.
2) Confirm there is an understanding
Talk to your supplier about the issues you want to reach an agreement.
Try to confirm your counterpart understands the content of each point.
At the same time, listen carefully to what your counterpart is trying to tell you about their concerns.
Try to sense what points make them feel insecure.
3) Ask for progress report 
Depending on your circumstances you might want to ask for a weekly report or according to milestones.
Also here, ask your supplier to use a format suitable for you with pictures and videos.
4) Troubleshooting
To some extent, there is a conflict of interests built into your relationship with your suppliers.
Sometimes issues that require your attention do come up and your supplier may prefer not to contact you, so to not lower your confidence, thinking they can handle it themselves.
However you may not always agree with the solutions and by the time you know about it, it may be too late.
In this kind of events, you want to have someone ready to go to the production site in a short notice, give you a status report and work with you to solve the issue.
Our team of highly experienced professionals is ready to assist you in every step of the way.
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