China buying agent is a term that has slightly different meanings across industries.

In general, for some, the term “agent” has some negative connotations in the sense that there is someone standing between you and your supplier.
That someone may be adding their margin on top of the original suppliers selling price, but more importantly, is adding their own agenda and interests that may be conflicting with your and your supplier’s interests.
In some industries, China buying agents are companies that source suppliers on behalf of their clients and manage the purchasing process and the logistics all the way to the Chinese port.
In other industries, China buying agents are companies that acting as vendors.
They do not share the details of the manufacturer or the original source of the product with their client and they don’t share the price they are buying the product from the agent.
In this scenario, there is zero communication between the end buyer and the maker of the products.
In industries related to complex products, usually technology-based products, the term China buying agent means a company that is working together with their clients to make sure the manufacturing or purchasing process is robust and communication lines are open and effective. Their role includes making sure both the buyer and the supplier understand the messages they sending each other and in many cases, it also includes motivating the supplier to work towards the buyer’s goals.
CSO Projement’s customers are all making complex products. Therefore our clients must be in direct contact with the original manufacturer of the product to ensure that the manufacturing process is robust and there is no room for errors.
In CSO we understand our customer’s competitive environment and give them full control over their cost and margin. We want to help our customers work directly with their manufacturers so that at the end of the day they will be able to work with their manufacturers without the help of any third party.
While this may not be achievable from day one, after a period of time, trust is built, our clients understand better their supplier in China and they are able to do more and more without any help.
Of course, we are always here to help if it becomes necessary, and help you get back on track working with your supplier directly and independently.
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