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You are still welcome to download our audit form template.

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Our best ever factory audit template


This template is built in a way that helps your audit team produce for you a clear and concise report.


Clear and concise report means an easy to read report. Get a crystal clear and complete picture.


The template makes sure the report draws a picture about all the factory's important departments.


The template gives your auditors a full and detailed checklist of all items they need to check.


When you get a clear and detailed report, decision making becomes a much easier task.

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Your top 5 questions answered


What departments in the factory should we audit?

Every department that can potentially influence the quality of your product directly or indirectly.


What skills should my team have?
Your team must have quality management system related skills and knowledge. It is best if they have a lead auditor certificate.


What happens if the team finds a problem with one or more processes in the factory?

In such case your team should ask the factory to prepare CAPA (corrective and preventive action plan). They should execute the plan and your team should return to the factory and verify the changes were implemented.


What is the best way to illustrate issues found?
It is highly recommended to ask your team to take many high resolution pictures and use them to illustrate the issues found during the audit.


Do good audit results mean there is no need to perform a pre-shipment source inspection?

If the audit results are good, it is more likely to expect the quality of your production will be better than other factories, but it doesn’t mean the factory won’t miss a detail or two. It is recommended to check the production of the first shipment. If all went smooth, you can skip the inspection on the next shipment.

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