We lower your cost and increase your efficiency

We work with companies that do business in China and want to reduce their cost and risk and increase their efficiency.
We do that by helping them avoid unnecessary long term commitments and expensive NRE’s. Together with us, our customers bring their organization skills, expertise, and resources needed to deliver projects in China using a quick and smooth process. We discuss with our customers the challenges working in a Chinese business culture may present and give them easy to use tools to meet these challenges successfully.

We offer flexibility


We become our customer’s important resource and give our clients the flexibility to use this resource for as long as they need it. No matter if you have a big office in China, or no office in China, you will find us extremely useful. If your people in China are already very busy doing their core job, and you have no extra resources to divert to an unplanned project, you can hire us without increasing your headcount. If you would like to have a team in China, we can either setup a team for you, or become your team.


Our Values

Service oriented

We must deliver high-quality service, as the foundation of any business is happy customers.


“Quality is not a result, it is a way of doing things”. By being professional we turn everything we do into a high-quality product and service.

Ethical conduct and reliability

At the end of the day, we work with people we trust. We work very hard to prove to our customers we are a highly reliable and trustworthy team.



It is all about creating solutions. We utilize our skills and resources to bring to our customers the most valuable set of solutions.



We initiate and manage for our customers. We create solutions to pave the way to success.




Service oriented and professional

Ethical conduct and reliability

Resourceful and Proactive