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Amit and his team at CSO Projement pride themselves in providing seamless comprehensive business services. Uniquely formatted to serve as an extension of existing operations of its Western business headquarters, CSO provides the services to manage and execute projects in China on behalf of their clients. Amit’s unique background and experience in project management combined with his advanced grasp of the Chinese business culture make him well qualified to take on any and all projects where management needs and manufacturing goals intersect. CSO clients may rest assured that their teams in China always have the client’s best interests at heart.

Amit’s track record in China

Amit has lived and worked in China for over 20 years. During his tenure, Amit founded and managed a multitude of import, export, wholesale and service companies; including exporting companies whose products have been sold to the United States Fortune 500 Companies.  In addition, Amit established and managed an entire vertical retail operation that designed, manufactured, and sold products under his own self-made brand.

Amit has experience in managing every aspect of the operations and sales sides of the business chain. This includes areas such as purchasing, vendor management, supply chains, logistics and HR management, as well as full sales cycle.

Prior to founding CSO Projement, Amit served as China GM for Zriha Hlavin Ind., an engineering company and Israel’s largest importer of plastic molds. Among Amit’s achievements working at Zriha: reshaping the corporate structure of the Chinese branch. Amit re-negotiated contracts with suppliers, and he was able to lower the cost of goods and improve payment terms leading to a healthier cash flow, as well as lower the tax base. Furthermore, Amit was able to restructure and realign the company’s policies to directly comply with current government regulations. By doing so, he was able to benefit from business benefits awarded by local authority structures.

Amit speaks Mandarin fluently and holds a master’s degree in management from Macquarie University in Sidney Australia.

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Project Management

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CSO Projement manages and executes projects on behalf of their customers.  With Amit you know that your best interests come first and foremost.

Amit and CSO’s Commitment to Excellence

Being a good sourcing agent in China requires a unique combination of skills and experience. As an experienced sourcing manager, Amit knows that in China’s dynamic and ever-changing market, the search for quality manufacturers never ends; which is why any and every competitive company that manufactures goods in China must refresh its supplier banks every once and a while. Amit’s highly efficient sourcing process alleviates the stress and burden from CSO’s clients, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.

Amit also works tirelessly to implement and ensure the quality of all CSO’s services. Considering the challenges and constraints of manufacturing products in China, Amit and his team help their clients consistently maintain high standards of quality over time. CSO is uniquely positioned to provide these services due to their extensive experienced team on the ground in China.