China Direct Sourcing

We reduce your cost and increase your efficiency. Here is how:

In a market that becomes more and more competitive, customers’ expectations are getting higher and higher both quality and cost wise. To meet those expectation the buyer and the manufacturer have to work closely together, share information and together reduce cost and the chance for mistakes.

To achieve this, buyers must open direct channels of communication with the manufacturers of their goods.

You know best what is good for your business. To gain control over the process of production and quality assurance, buyers must play a key role in sourcing manufacturers and then manage and oversee every step of the way.

Doing that from across the ocean presents many challenges and to deal with these challenges you need a reliable communication channel that will give you high-quality information, that will allow you to make the right decisions at the right time.

If you are importing from China, you want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your goods are ready for shipment, your manufacturer understands your requirements, or that your instructions are implemented.
Sometimes, the only way to achieve that is to have someone you trust, arrive at the factory.

It doesn’t always make sense financially to take a long international flight just to see that your goods are packed properly, or that your order is being processed according to schedule.

Here at CSO, we help you cope with all challenges the China direct sourcing strategy presents.
We are your project team. We are your extension in China. With the reliability, drive, and skills you expect from your own team.

China Direct Sourcing Services


China Sourcing Services

The right Chinese supplier portfolio is a must when it comes to keeping your company ahead of your competitors in quality, product range, and pricing.
Only the China direct sourcing approach put you in a position to be in direct contact with your manufacturer and have highly skilled people on your team.
To learn about a simple proven way of building a robust vendor list, click the button below.

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Quality Control Services in China

What are the aspects you need to consider when you design a QA system?
One of them is the Chinese supplier constraints and abilities.
So how do you factor these into your QA system?
And what does the China direct sourcing approach has to do with all of this?
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China Business Services

What if we told you, you can have a team of motivated people in China, that are ready to work according to your instructions?
What if we told you, you can have all that only when you need the team, and when you don’t, there is zero cost involved.
No commitment, and no setup or end of service fees.
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There are many ways to outsource your production to Chinese manufacturers.
Some people outsource the entire job to one company that specializes in sourcing factories and managing production. But, do they know your business as well as you do?
Do you really want to lose all control over the production of your own products?
Here is a simple way that allows you to remain in control, and outsource the job.

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China Manufacturing Services

Your efficiency depends on your vendor management.
Here is a way to lower your cost and increase your speed.
Doing business in China, especially when it comes to your production and pre production processes, you must be aware of some industry practices in order to earn the cooperation of your Chinese suppliers. Click here to read more.

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Company and team building

Give yourself total control.
Get a fully functional and well trained team that works according to your procedures and have the skill set most suitable for you.
We will open your company and build your team. We will train them according to your procedures and requirements and when you are ready, we will hand over the team management to you. Click here to read more.

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black-imgBusiness culture
black-imgWorking over timezones
China direct sourcing - Global

The three ultimate challenges

The way you cope with these three challenges is key to your results manufacturing overseas.
Languages and working across business cultures and time zones can influence communication and as a result, schedule and quality.
When it comes to complex products and projects management, only one thing will ensure an error free process:
The right people with the right skills in the right place.
With the China direct sourcing strategy, you can overcome the challenges.


  • Build your own team in China.
  • Get an agenda-free information
  • Get real time information from your people on the ground.
  • Three tested and proven China team building strategies.